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Dear Patricia,

As we publish our first edition of the newsletter for 2014, we are grateful for the progress accomplished on the various campaigns by our U.S. and country networks and we look forward to a new year with refreshed energy and focus.

This year we are particularly excited to welcome the POM network from the Democratic Republic of Congo into the Joining Hands family!  POM brings an expertise in extractive industries transparency that will enrich our global work. In a country blessed with so many natural resources, and devastated by decades of civil war, corruption and extreme poverty, POM's work will help shade a light on a sector that, if managed well, could improve millions of lives in Congo. Please join us in welcoming POM!

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Extractives and Water

Holding Multinational Companies Accountable in Cameroon
Experience has shown that most poor, resource rich countries are not capturing the expected benefits from the exploitation of natural resources.  Instead, multinational companies are working to maximize their profits from the exploitation of natural resources while host countries and local communities receive minimal benefits.  RELUFA holds C&K Mining, Inc. accountable for its social and economic obligations in Mobilong.  Learn More

POM Network of the Democratic Republic of Congo Enters into Joining Hands Partnership
POM is working to reform mining sector governance in the DRC with the goal of improving the living conditions of populations impacted by mining projects. Efforts are primarily focused around improving transparency, strengthening the accountability of public leaders and representatives, building capacity of civil society organizations, and bolstering laws and regulations and their compliance.  Learn More
Trade Reform

Look in the Mirror: God can use you to change the world
Karen Wilson of Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery describes her unexpected path from teaching Sunday school and singing in the church choir to a life of advocacy and she challenges us all to change the world.  Learn More
Food and Land

Desires for a New Year: working to eliminate agrotoxins from the food system in El Salvador
RUMES is actively working with partner communities and organizations in a national effort to ban a long list of highly toxic agrochemicals, including Paraquat, DDT, and Toxaphene.  Learn More

War Crimes and Intimidation: The Challenge of Human Rights Defenders in Sri Lanka
With the U.S. sponsored resolution on Sri Lankan war crimes looming, divisions in Sri Lankan society are widening. Patriots and traitors are being unfairly labeled.  And now, a new round of threats to human rights defenders is emerging.  Learn More

Haiti Partnership: Mission Beyond Doing, Fixing, and Filling
The Presbytery of the James embarked on a “mission trip” unlike any they’d heard of or participated in.  Rather than “doing” something, “fixing” something, or “filling” a deficit, they set out to meet and learn from the people the most impacted by the obstacles of Haiti and the ones who hold the power to make needed changes.  Learn More
Resources and other news
Tell Herakles Farms to stop its intimidation of Nasako Besingi and other defenders of local communities and forests in Cameroon! Take Action Now!

Check out Greenpeace’s parody of the Herakles Farms Website

Watch the documentary Surviving Progress

Alexa Smith interviews Father Thomas Kocherry who has worked to galvanize workers to protect India’s coastland from aggressive forms of development.  Read the Article

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