Simple Living Works!  #11 – August Digest

In this issue. . .
* How Voluntary Simple Living and Jubilee Economics Work Together: July Podcast
* The Practical  Side, August 1st
* Simplifying Fall Celebrations
* Free Simpler Living Videos
* Need I.T. Help?

How Voluntary Simple Living and Jubilee Economics Work Together: July Podcast

In The Common Good Podcast for July, Lee and Gerald find common ground in the micro-economics of voluntary simple living and the macro of Jubilee Economics.Listen or subscribe for free here. Or use iTunes (search for The Common Good Podcast). Like our podcast on Facebook here.

The Practical Side in August

In part 2 in August, Ed and Gerald go beyond the concepts to the practical. Listen or subscribe here.

We wrestle with these topics. . .

1. When do we realize that stuff has too much power in our lives? When we move! Hear the harsh reality and ways to deal with it.

2.  How can our little personal choices really have any effect on the big decisions made by governments and corporations? You may be surprised. . . and annoyed.

3. Advertising is designed to keep us dissatisfied, to make us feel that we’ll be better or more popular when we buy a particular product. How can we resist that pressure? How do we help children?

4. Will Jubilee Economics or simple living make any real difference?

When we’re through, or even while we’re still talking, you can respond easily and quickly to what we’re saying. And your ideas and comments – in your own voice! – can be part of a future ‘cast. Jubilee Economics – or JEM – is about building community that will find, develop and use economic models large and small that are sustainable on ONE Earth.

You can join this community by joining the conversation.  When an idea strikes your imagination, put the podcast on pause. Pick up your phone and call 858-480-6855.  Leave a message of up to three minutes. Or go to either of our web sites –  or Click the microphone in the red bar on the right of the page and record a message of up to 10 minutes using your computer’s microphone (Flash Player required.)

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Simplifying Fall Celebrations

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Free Simple Living Videos

Simple Living’s recent free videos on JEM’s new YouTube channel have generated a lot of response. Dedicated to faith-based voluntary simplicity, Simple Living Works! provides many free resources for personal growth, as well as church groups. View the videos here.

More coming this fall! Plans include classic Christmas videos – Alexander Scrooge and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, plus a sing-along version ofCarols with Justice.

Need I.T. Help?

Need help with social media or anything internet? Consider Ed Lucas Social Media Services. Ed works minor miracles for Jubilee Economics and for Simple Living Works! on a regular basis. He can do the same for you personally, for your church, organization or business. No matter where you live, contact The Artist Presently Known As Ed at Very reasonable rates.


Gerald Iversen
National Coordinator, Alternatives for Simple Living, 1995-2007

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